Web Development

Web DevelopmentHTML & CSS Works
Providing 2.0 web development technologies with table less layout, and DIV.

Content Management System (CMS)
Content management system (CMS) is a system providing a collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. We provide quick and easy updates and maintenance of your data and solution for small to large websites with dynamic content. We provide content, documents, details and records related to the organizational processes of an enterprise.

WordPress Blog
Word press blog creation, and Plug-in development, word press customization and theme design services.
Simplyonline provides Word press services which include:

  • Word Press Template Design Services
  • Word Press unique theme design
  • Word Press integration and design
  • Word Press blog development
  • Innovative blog theme services

Open Source CMS Development
Word Press Setup and Implementation
Forum & Discussion Board
Effective and efficient forum and discussion board for end-users of the website. We provide forum, discussion or message board on the website for the crawlers of the site that are linked to deliver the ideas and confirm any forums related to site.

E-commerce Website
Designing shopping cart software to prosper and deliver better results to the business. We create a unique e-commerce site design for business which includes benefits like,

  • 24*7 buying and selling of products and services
  • No interference of any Middleman/Middlemen
  • Payment can be made under strict security

Lowers business cost catalog flexibility and fast online updating

Image Gallery
Providing image gallery with transparency to get a smooth switch between the images on the website. We provide easy to install, flash image gallery for your website. We create image galleries that can quickly plug into a design. Image Gallery designed by us is attention-grabbing for the website crawlers.

Flash Website Development
Impressive, interactive and expressive web design with modern tool and technologies. Creating attractive and eye-catching websites to the net crawlers. Flash website development allows website to create and join new trend by breaking the traditional website design. Visitors step into a complete web presentation with the freedom to have a site with virtually unlimited technical opportunities and potential.

Website Maintenance
Maintaining web site with efficient technology, modification, content manipulation and image design. We maintain web site in order to keep them up to date. We maintain your website daily and also opportunities. We maintain your website by revising, editing or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date.